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River Subscription problems

By Adam Curry. Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 11:52 PM.

I started noticing that I wasn't receiving items in my River Of News from high item feeds, like my twitter rss subscriptions.

After some investigation I saw that the feeds associated with my subscription list opml were out of synch.


tried re-saving my list to ensure a fresh copy was uploaded to S3

Next to the server, still no joy after rescanning and some basic server maintenance.

Turned off garbage collection in the prefs just to be sure. -> No joy.

Now I'm noticing my config.root is 1.1Gb in size.

Whoops, gonna save a coy to compact it. Hopefully that will shake everything out

After bringing donfig.root to the front, the command to save a copy is:


Did the switch and still the same.

Missing A LOT of my subscriptiptions.

Unsubscribed from the list and any remnant subs that suddenly appeared.

Resubscribed. Still only about half the list.

Waiting for a couple cycles to see if it gets better

Many subscriptions still not showing up even when I subscribe with a new account that I made. This is truly baffling.

Copied all of my feeds and created a new outline and then pasted the feeds in, subscribed to that and it looks like I'm subscribing to my feeds again. Phew.

Maybe the opml file got corrupted somehow in dropbox.

My bet is still on the config.root file that just grew too big and fucked everything up. I think all my feeds are now back and being scanned. Hopefully this didn't mess up any other rivers too badly and if it did they will shake out as well.

Will continue to monitor

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